Sunflower High School

Our History

Sunflower School was established in 1st july, 1987. School has been in the forefront in the direction of all-round development by the efforts of the children to achieve excellent education since the establishment of the school.  The Kribhco company by the  dream of a large and modern building and a beautiful playground of the school that is in the metropolitan school. It is also a good thing to study such a natural beauty and a conditional atmosphere. Under the guidance of the Sarvajanik  Education Society, the students in this school enjoy a variety of activities, such as NCC, Dance, etc.  with a beautiful learning environment. are created by -directional education. In addition to the school examinations, various educational activities such as Hindi examinations, scholarship examinations, Elementary examinations, NCC Teachers will be determined to make students equipped with various competing contests organized by camps, and distinguished guests.